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Shopoo features a curated selection of international independent suppliers. We specialize in fashion apparel and accessories at various price points but have recently expanded to home goods, beauty products and electronics.

At Shopoo, we are proud to support independent designers and brands that are creating their own high quality products. None of our Suppliers are wholesalers! They are located all over the globe and provide their own unique products to our marketplace that you can start dropshipping instantly.
Do you check out the suppliers beforehand to ensure their quality?
Yes absolutely! All of our suppliers must first submit their catalogues for approval after which our Brand manager will get in touch with them. Only if we are sure they are ready to meet our standards for quality, responsiveness and reliability do we approve their collection after which you can add their products to your store. If a supplier consistently misses our standard of quality, we no longer work with their products.
Can I get in touch with all of the suppliers?
No, not at the moment
The price range for these products seem higher than other dropshipping suppliers, like those on AliExpress. Why is that the case?
All of our suppliers design and sell their own products. This guarantees a much higher standard of quality, as well as exclusivity compared to suppliers that are simply selling wholesale goods.
We do work with suppliers from all over the world. A majority of our suppliers are based in the U.S. though we are constantly expanding!
All the suppliers featured in the dropshipping portal have chosen to participate. Therefore, you can start adding items freely to your store as soon as you sign in.
Shopoo will automatically notify the suppliers when you add their products to store and the supplier will have an opportunity to decline the relationship if they see fit.
If you are a Shopify retailer and are using our App, your inventory levels will be automatically adjusted so if there is an item out of stock, it will be reflected that way on your site.
We cannot guarantee that the suppliers on Shopoo will work with you because there are several factors that go into their decision. However, as long as you have a well functioning store, or let the supplier know your future plans, there shouldn’t be many issues.
Shipping costs are calculated based on the cost of shipping from the supplier to your customer. The shipping cost viewed on the item detail page displays the rate from the supplier to your location, but this may vary if your customer is located in a different region.
For example, if both you and your supplier are located in the U.S. but your customer is located in Spain, the shipping cost would reflect the U.S. to Spain rate.
Similarly, if you are located in the U.K. but your both your supplier and customer are located in the U.S., the shipping cost would reflect the U.S. to U.S. domestic rate.
In general, domestic rates are priced at $6 or less. International rates are priced $12 or less.
Shopoo has set a maximum cost per country/region for shipping rates. This means that the rate will never exceed the stated amounts below. However, if a supplier wants to offer a lower shipping rate, they are able to adjust the rate down.
Essentially, domestic rates are priced at $6 or less. International rates are priced $12 or less.

Introduction to Shopoo

Here’s how dropshipping works:
  1. You receive an order and payment for a product listed on your website
  2. You pass this order, plus shipment details, to a supplier, typically a brand or a wholesaler you’ve built a relationship with, and pay them a discounted price for the item
  3. The supplier prepares the order, with neutral packaging and no pricing on the invoice.
  4. Supplier ships the order directly to your customer and you are notified about the delivery status.
This means:
You never need to buy inventory ahead of time – you don’t need to invest your own money to get off the ground.
You don’t need to manage or handle the product yourself, so you won’t have the stress of managing stock, sorting out storage space or spending time and money making sure orders are delivered on time.
You make a solid profit on the difference between your retail price and the item cost – good for you, good for your supplier, good for the customer. Everybody wins.
It’s that easy.
Source, list and sell products across 20+ categories
Shopoo allows you to find dropshipping products for your store and have them sent directly to your customers. We have a strong focus on details which drive sales – fast shipping & a unique product assortment.
Shopoo has all the features which you need in a reliable dropshipping platform:
  1. Single, Centralized Platform – manage thousands of suppliers & products in one place
  2. Inventory & Pricing Updates – inventory, imagery, descriptions and pricing are continuously updated
  3. Suppliers Offering Fast and/or Free Shipping!
  4. Automatically Add the Cost of Shipping into the Product Price & Offer Free Shipping to Your Customers
  5. Item Customization – edit descriptions, pricing, variants and imagery before adding products to your store
  6. Pricing Rules – control your markup and margins
  7. Sync Tracking Numbers – orders and tracking numbers are synced with your store
  8. Profit Calculator – see what you will earn on each product in real-time

Shopoo has teams across the United States, and Pakistan. Its headquarters are in Austin, Texas at the following address:
701 Brazos St,
Austin, TX
78701, United States
Shopoo is an open marketplace for suppliers and retailers. We curate our supplier applicants, selecting the best brands amongst hundreds which apply each month. We vet these suppliers to ensure that they are reliable and fulfill orders in the time which they specify. If suppliers do not meet our standards, they are no longer welcome on the platform.
Vetted network of reliable suppliers from across the world
  • Not Chinese manufacturers from AliExpress
High Quality Products
  • Our suppliers are brands. They take pride in what they produce.
Differentiated assortment
  • A unique assortment of products creates a loyal customer base. Additionally, because the items are are more unique, money spent on marketing goes further
Pre-negotiated contracts – commission split & shipping/return policy all predefined for easy onboarding
  • All suppliers have agreed to our policies – making it fast and easy to add products to your store without negotiating contracts one-by-one
Marketing Assets
  • Many of the suppliers create ad campaigns and lookbooks. They are happy to share their beautiful imagery with retailers to market their items
Free Shipping / Flat Rate Shipping
  • Select suppliers offer free shipping on domestic and/or international orders. This enable retailers to offer free shipping without it impacting margins. All others follow our flat rate shipping policy.


So long as your store is connected to Shopoo (i.e., our app is installed), the orders you receive on your store for Shopoo products will automatically appear in your Shopoo account. These can be found under Orders. Once the order appears in Shopoo, It will be automaticaly send to Supplier.

When your order is shipped by a supplier, you will be notified via email by the Supplier. The email will include a link the shipping and tracking information for your order, as well as a link to the order itself.
The link to the order will direct you to the Orders section in your Shopoo account..
To review the fulfillment status of your order on Shopoo:


Please note: Once an order is dispatched, the delivery status will be available through the Courier. It is the responsibility of the merchant to check on the status by visiting the Courier’s website. If the Courier is stated as “Other,” please follow up with the Supplier to get more information.
You can Cancel the order in Shopoo Within 6 to 10 Hours.
  1. However, if you decide to cancel an order AFTER the order is processed, we cannot guarantee that the order can be canceled.
  2. Please note: we can honor cancelations only if the Supplier is notified by you before the order is shipped to your customer.

Shipping & Returns

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We comply fully with Envato’s refund policy. We issue refunds for the reasons Envato permits us to give refund and we don’t issue refunds on the cases Envato does not guarantee refunds. Please check Envato’s refund policy:

Suppliers on Shopoo follow a 14-day return policy for undamaged / unworn goods. This means the item must be returned to the supplier within 14 days of the time it is received by the end customer. Some Suppliers don’t accept returns because of Print on Demand products.


In general, you (or your customer), is responsible for the shipping cost of the return.


When a customer requests a return from your site, you can instruct them to return the item directly back to the supplier by sending us the message on Live Chat.
Yes, most Suppliers ship internationally. However, Suppliers can enable / disable regions in their account if they do not wish to ship internationally.
Through Shopoo, you only have single shipping fee with the rate listed on the product.
The shipping cost is set up on a per item basis with a fixed added cost for each additional item
The shipping cost is not automatically added to your store.
If your customer returns a product within your supplier’s return policy (this may vary from supplier to supplier), you will get refunded the price you paid the supplier for the product.
Please note that Shopoo retains all fees associated with each transaction and that will not be refunded.
No! Often times suppliers shipping items from Europe to the United States may require additional information before they ship out your item, and often a VAT number is requested.
You are not, however, required to apply or provide one. In this case, we suggest using your Federal Tax Identification Number (FTIN) as the neccessary proof, which should be sufficient for the supplier.
The Suppliers on Shopoo agree to the following conditions related to packaging and shipping:
You agree that no independent promotional materials will be included in your packaging (e.g., coupons to buy directly from your site). Only the invoice provided by Shopoo (which can be downloaded from your “Orders” section) is allowed in such packaging.
You further agree that you will honor the “Processing Time” and “Shipping Time” reflected on your Shopoo profile, Retailers rely on this information to inform their customers so it must be accurate. You acknowledge that you are expected to ship products all year round.
At this point, personalized packaging is not a service our suppliers offer. They will ship in neutral packaging and follow blind shipping standards.

This issue is caused by the Shopoo Fulfillment location not being including in your shipping rates due to multiple shipping rates. To resolve this, go to Settings > Shipping and delivery from your Shopify dashboard. From the Shipping and delivery page, select Manage rates on your default Shipping profile. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the Not shipping from list and select Add rates next to the Shopoo Fulfillment location. You can set new rates for Shopoo’s products based on what you deem feasible for your store. Don’t forget to repeat these steps for any custom shipping profiles in your Shopify store.

Shopoo for Suppliers

Dropshipping on Shopoo is a great way for you to gain exposure to end consumers through various storefronts, all managed through one platform.
  • Higher Margins – on average, suppliers earn ~20% more per product, when they dropship compared to when they sell it at wholesale value
  • Marketing Exposure – suppliers gain 20x more marketing exposure and supplier awareness through the ecommerce retailers reselling their products
  • Improved SEO – Increasing the number or ecommerce stores selling your products increases your supplier equity and SEO
  • Workflow Efficiencies – Managing 1,000s of ecommerce retailers is as easy as managing 1, including orders and payment processing

You can find various kinds of e-commerce retailers on the platform – both in their product offering and experience level. In general, the retailers on the platform are independent businesses looking for unique items. We work with stores from start-up to scale.

Absolutely! Every retailer on the platform has signed up with a valid email address and several details about their business. Our ecommerce retailers have different levels of experience – from startup to scale.


You can easily see when a store was established and/or when they plan to launch in the retailer profile
You can expect very high engagement. In fact, 90% of our suppliers gain new dropshipping retailers every single week! It is as easy as one click for a store to work with suppliers, so they are constantly visiting the marketplace and sourcing a curated selection of products for their unique customer needs.
Additionally, our network of retailers is growing daily, giving suppliers even more exposure to cool and hard-to-reach stores without any additional work.
If you are a Shopify user and have the Shopoo app installed your inventory will be updated in real-time for Retailers.

Shopoo has thousands of retailers on the site, with more joining daily. Our dropshipping marketplace is extremely active – 90% of suppliers gain a new dropshipping store weekly and tens of thousands of products are added to storefronts daily.

All Suppliers in the Dropshipping Marketplace have products that are available immediately and ready to be sourced and sold by Retailers. Shopoo provides the technology enabling ecommerce retailers to easily source and sell your products, while staying updated on stock levels, pricing, pictures, and descriptions. All you need to do is create beautiful products, and we handle the layer of technology needed to keep your dropshipping stores updated on your collections and their inventory levels.
Ecommerce Retailers can start dropshipping with you in two ways:
One-click sourcing (Currently for Shopify stores only. Other ecommerce integrations are coming soon).
A store has added an item to their Inventory List.
An Inventory List is a curated selection of products which will then be exported from Modalyst and imported into the Retailer’s website. We have pre-formatted CSVs, so stores can easily add products to their ecommerce infrastructure with ease.
Shopoo suppliers must offer a minimum 14-day return policy for all products ordered in our Dropshipping Marketplace. This means that you are required to accept returns up to 14 days after the product has been received by the customer. Retailers will be required to pay for the return shipping.
As long as the product is undamaged and unworn, the supplier is expected to refund the retailer when the item is received.
Shopoo has a standardized invoice for you to print out and include in the package to the customer. It is required that this invoice is included in the package.
This invoice includes the retailer information as the place where the customer purchased the product, and the your own bio so the customer learns more about the designer of the product.
If retailers have special packaging which they would like you to use, they will ship or send it to you electronically. Otherwise, please package the item in blank packaging, neatly in a box and send it off!
Depends on the retailer.
Although we suggest that items be returned directly to you (due to time constraints), a retailer is free to receive a product and ship it to you. As long as the product arrives within the conditions specified and within the chosen time frame, you should treat it like a normal return.

Shopoo lets you find products, add them to your Shopify store, and ship them directly to your customers.


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