Will returns arrive directly to me?

Depends on the retailer. Although we suggest that items be returned directly to you (due to time constraints), a retailer is free to receive a product and ship it to you. As long as the product arrives within the conditions specified and within the chosen time frame, you should treat it like a normal return.

How should I package my item for dropshipping?

Shopoo has a standardized invoice for you to print out and include in the package to the customer. It is required that this invoice is included in the package. This invoice includes the retailer information as the place where the customer purchased the product, and the your own bio so the customer learns more about

Return policy for Shopoo suppliers

Shopoo suppliers must offer a minimum 14-day return policy for all products ordered in our Dropshipping Marketplace. This means that you are required to accept returns up to 14 days after the product has been received by the customer. Retailers will be required to pay for the return shipping. As long as the product is

How do stores start dropshipping with me?

All Suppliers in the Dropshipping Marketplace have products that are available immediately and ready to be sourced and sold by Retailers. Shopoo provides the technology enabling ecommerce retailers to easily source and sell your products, while staying updated on stock levels, pricing, pictures, and descriptions. All you need to do is create beautiful products, and

How many dropshipping retailers can I find at Shop...

Shopoo has thousands of retailers on the site, with more joining daily. Our dropshipping marketplace is extremely active – 90% of suppliers gain a new dropshipping store weekly and tens of thousands of products are added to storefronts daily.

As a supplier, how do I update my inventory on Sho...

If you are a Shopify user and have the Shopoo app installed your inventory will be updated in real-time for Retailers.

What kind of engagement can I expect with Shopoo?

You can expect very high engagement. In fact, 90% of our suppliers gain new dropshipping retailers every single week! It is as easy as one click for a store to work with suppliers, so they are constantly visiting the marketplace and sourcing a curated selection of products for their unique customer needs. Additionally, our network

Can I trust these retailers?

Absolutely! Every retailer on the platform has signed up with a valid email address and several details about their business. Our ecommerce retailers have different levels of experience – from startup to scale.   You can easily see when a store was established and/or when they plan to launch in the retailer profile

What Kind of Dropship Retailers Can I Expect on Sh...

You can find various kinds of e-commerce retailers on the platform – both in their product offering and experience level. In general, the retailers on the platform are independent businesses looking for unique items. We work with stores from start-up to scale.

Why should I dropship my products with Shopoo?

Dropshipping on Shopoo is a great way for you to gain exposure to end consumers through various storefronts, all managed through one platform. Higher Margins – on average, suppliers earn ~20% more per product, when they dropship compared to when they sell it at wholesale value Marketing Exposure – suppliers gain 20x more marketing exposure

Shopoo lets you find products, add them to your Shopify store, and ship them directly to your customers.


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