What shipping costs can I expect from my order?

Shopoo has set a maximum cost per country/region for shipping rates. This means that the rate will never exceed the stated amounts below. However, if a supplier wants to offer a lower shipping rate, they are able to adjust the rate down. Essentially, domestic rates are priced at $6 or less. International rates are priced

I’m a retailer. How is the shipping rate of ...

Shipping costs are calculated based on the cost of shipping from the supplier to your customer. The shipping cost viewed on the item detail page displays the rate from the supplier to your location, but this may vary if your customer is located in a different region. For example, if both you and your supplier

Do you guarantee that the listed suppliers will wo...

We cannot guarantee that the suppliers on Shopoo will work with you because there are several factors that go into their decision. However, as long as you have a well functioning store, or let the supplier know your future plans, there shouldn’t be many issues.

Do you guarantee that all products are always in s...

If you are a Shopify retailer and are using our App, your inventory levels will be automatically adjusted so if there is an item out of stock, it will be reflected that way on your site.

Do I have to ask permission to add products to my ...

All the suppliers featured in the dropshipping portal have chosen to participate. Therefore, you can start adding items freely to your store as soon as you sign in. Shopoo will automatically notify the suppliers when you add their products to store and the supplier will have an opportunity to decline the relationship if they see

Do you work with suppliers all over the world?

We do work with suppliers from all over the world. A majority of our suppliers are based in the U.S. though we are constantly expanding!

Can you tell me more about the suppliers?

At Shopoo, we are proud to support independent designers and brands that are creating their own high quality products. None of our Suppliers are wholesalers! They are located all over the globe and provide their own unique products to our marketplace that you can start dropshipping instantly. Do you check out the suppliers beforehand to

What kind of suppliers can I find on Shopoo?

Shopoo features a curated selection of international independent suppliers. We specialize in fashion apparel and accessories at various price points but have recently expanded to home goods, beauty products and electronics.

Shopoo lets you find products, add them to your Shopify store, and ship them directly to your customers.


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