All Suppliers in the Dropshipping Marketplace have products that are available immediately and ready to be sourced and sold by Retailers. Shopoo provides the technology enabling ecommerce retailers to easily source and sell your products, while staying updated on stock levels, pricing, pictures, and descriptions. All you need to do is create beautiful products, and we handle the layer of technology needed to keep your dropshipping stores updated on your collections and their inventory levels.
Ecommerce Retailers can start dropshipping with you in two ways:
One-click sourcing (Currently for Shopify stores only. Other ecommerce integrations are coming soon).
A store has added an item to their Inventory List.
An Inventory List is a curated selection of products which will then be exported from Modalyst and imported into the Retailer’s website. We have pre-formatted CSVs, so stores can easily add products to their ecommerce infrastructure with ease.

Shopoo lets you find products, add them to your Shopify store, and ship them directly to your customers.


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